Karma’s Pawn is a party band entertaining the entire West Central Ohio area. The group is a unique lineup, that includes 2 lead guitars, keys, 2 male & 1 female lead vocals, tight harmony, and an over-flowing amount of experience on rhythm. This combination allows Karma’s Pawn the ability to play a wide variety of rock and roll: From the classics of the 1970’s (and earlier), to the college rock & pop metal of the 1980’s, to the alternative and grunge of the 1990’s, to modern adult contemporary, to today's hottest hits. Experience a Karma’s Pawn show soon ...  You will not be disappointed!
Check out individual band biographies below.......
 Name:                       Fred Wells
  • AKA:                     The Red(s)head
  • Birthday:               December 3rd
  • Hometown:          Quincy, Ohio
  • Residence:            Port Jefferson, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign:         Sagittarius 
  • Instrument:          Vocal Chords (have played some guitar, bass, & keys .. but can be dangerous with them.)
    • Out The Door
    • Outrider
    • Xcursion
    • Solo Project
    • Wi-Five
  • Day Job:             Honda of America
  • Spouse:              Kelly Wells
  • Kids:                   Jessica, Travis, & Lane
  • Hobbies:            Hunting, Fishing, Coaching, Softball, Baseball,  & Home Remodeling
  • TV Shows:         Baseball, NCAA Basketball, Football, Si-Fi Shows, & Singing competitions
  • Movies:             Star Trek (everything), Marvel Comic Movies, & Blazing Saddles.
  • Drinks:              Water, Beer, Brandy, & Wine
  • Bands:              Journey, Loverboy, Foreigner, & Country Music Bands
 Name:               Sherri Overholser

  • AKA:                They call me hell, they call me Stacy, they call me her, they call me Jane ... That's not my name, That's not my name!!
  • Birthday:         January 10th
  • Hometown:    New Bremen, Ohio (Go Cards!)
  • Residence:     Sidney, Ohio (Go Jackets!)
  • Zodiac Sign:   Capricorn, In Chinese Zodiac I am a Tiger ... FEAR THE MONKEY, my sister Becky is a monkey, hmmm ... I was in the band Backseat Monkey ... MONKEYS, MONKEYS, MONKEYS
  • Instrument:      Keyboards, Backing & Lead Vocals
    • The Other Way Band (early 90's)
    • Backseat Monkey (late 90's)
    • Brain Hooky (early 2000's)
    • Junction (late 90's - '08)
    • The Vice Presidents (2010 - Present)
  • Day Job:        Business Analyst - Wilson Health                                                                      (Sidney)
  • Spouse:         Hmmm ... Mike or Lori? Is this a trick question?
  • Kids:               Four of them (Jeffrey, Tyler, Zoe, & Andrew), again, ALL MONKEYS. I cannot get away from the monkeys!
  • Hobbies:       a) Rooting for Tom Brady & his Patriots.                         b) Annoying those closest to me. (which part 'a' accomplishes nicely.) c) Butt Stuff
  • TV Shows:    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - funniest show EVER!
  • Movies:          James Cameron's Laser Cats 5
  • Drinks:            Heavily, when possible. Beer: Blue Moon, Erdinger, Bells Oberon, & Nellie's. I also highly recommend 'Swedish Cherry Bombs' at the Dutch Mill Cafe! (in moderation .. YUM!!)
  • Bands:            War (look them up, they're Fantastic!) Vampire Weekend, The Cranberries (RIP Dolores), David Bowie (died on my birthday), Margo Price, Limp Bizkit, & Cardi B. Also, the Monkees? Wait, no....not the Monkees!
Name:                     Steve Hurlburt
  • AKA:                  Hurley
  • Birthday:            June 14th
  • Hometown:       St. Marys, Ohio
  • Residence:        Celina, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign:      Stop
  • Instrument:         Drums
    • Still looking for that

  • Day Job:          Optician
  • Kids:                 Yes, I have one
  • Hobbies:          Collecting stange but funny movies
  • TV Shows:       I don't like TV
  • Movies:           Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Mary & Max, Broken Lizard, ANY Monty Python, The Lady Killers!
  • Drinks:            French Bottled Water. Only the best!
  • Bands:             GG Allin, Zappa, The Gap Band,    P-Funk, Motown, Turbonegro, Stevie Wonder, Electric 6, Everyone that was on Soul Train in the 70's, Late 90's Seven Nations, Stevie Stiletto!!
Name:                      Mike Overholser
  • AKA:                 Fat Guy on the Left
  • Birthday:          October 1st
  • Hometown:      Fort Loramie, Ohio
  • Residence:       Sidney, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign:     Libra with Mojo Rising
  • Instrument:       Rhythm & Lead Guitar,  Backing & Lead Vocals
    • The Rubber Band
    • 5th Gear
    • Backseat Monkey V1, V2, V3
    • Brain Hooky
    • The Vice Presidents
  • Day Job:         Errand Boy for HBIC
  • Spouse:         Sherri B. Overholser (see above)
  • Kids:               I've genetically engineered four humans
  • Hobbies:        Poker, Fantasy Sports, Trikke Riding, Facebook Smart-ass, Golf, Bar Hopping, Pontooning, Yelp Misinformation, Graphic Design
  • TV Shows:     Sports Center, Robot Chicken, All Alaskan reality shows, The Walking Dead, Cable News, Rick & Morty, WWE junk, Horders, Graham Norton Show, & South Park.
  • Movies:           Step Brothers, Shawshenk Redemption, Old School, LOTR, Forrest Gump, Planet Terror, Super Troopers, Team America: World Police, & all Tarantino flicks. Ohhh .. and mushy chick flicks.
  • Albums:          Smell the Glove & Seeking Major Tom
  • Drinks:            Captain Morgan & 7Up, Miller Lite, Fireball, Draft Cider, & Jägermeister ... mmmm 
  • Bands:            AC-DC, the Stones (mid-period), R.E.M., U2, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, C,S,N, & Y, Memphis Soul acts, the Sun Records boys (Presley, Cash, Lewis, & Perkins), Ray Charles, Alabama (early years), Dwight Yoakam, Collective Soul, Tom Petty, Queen, the Mavericks, ELO, Counting Crows, J. Geils Band (live stuff), Bob Marley, Ed Sheeran, the Who, Arctic Monkeys, Bowling For Soup, and all hard driving Bluegrass!!!

 Name:                  Jay Luttmer
  • AKA:                 Skull (…don’t ask)
  • Birthday:           June 4th
  • Hometown:      Saint Henry, Ohio
  • Residence:       Saint Henry, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign:     Gemini
  • Instrument:       Bass!! It's the only real instrument, just ask Sherri
    • Foreign Element - late 90's
    • The Honeydoos - Early 2000's
    • Blind Theory - mid 2000's
    • Allison Ditch - Late 2000's
    • Stop That - Late 2000's
  • Day Job:            Senior Project Manager, Nidec Minster
  • Spouse:             Fawn Liebowitz
  • Kids:                   Brent
  • Hobbies:            I like to build stuff with my hands
  • TV Shows:        Parks & Recreation, The Office, M*A*S*H, 30 Rock, X Files, & History documentaries
  • Movies:             Way too many to name!
  • Drinks:               Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, & Budweiser
  • Bands:                Pink Floyd, CSN and sometimes Y, Tool, Joni Mitchell, Foo Fighters, Sam Cooke, Grateful Dead, Cake, Clutch, Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule ... REALLY way too many to name!
 Name:                    Bruce Roth
  • AKA:                   B.C.
  • Birthday:            May
  • Hometown:       Vandalia, Ohio
  • Residence:         Vandalia, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign:       The Bull
  • Instrument:         Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
    • Enough of that Stuff
  • Day Job:               Dollar Chaser
  • Spouse:                Rhonda Roth
  • Kids:                      Charles Roth
  • Hobbies:               Things that make a ton of noise and go really really fast!
  • TV Shows:            The Outer Limits
  • Movies:                 Sci-Fi, Valerian, Guardians of the                                                                       Galaxy
  • Drinks:                   Brown Pale Ale
  • Bands:                   Captain Beyond, Danny Gatton, Crue, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Montrose, Dwight Yoakam, Roy Clark, and many many more!!   

"If you're really a mean person, you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop." ~ Kurt Cobain

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